Special Custom Bumper Stickers

Read about special custom designs for your business or town...


 Rachael can design your very own bumper sticker for your business - get noticed with your unique design:)

 Contact Rachael for a quote today - describe your image and how many you'd like:)


If you're a tourist info centre, winery, tour operator, accommodation owner or any type of retailer you can be an outlet for RTD's new 'Australian Town Bumper Stickers' and purchase them at wholesale prices.

Rachael includes elements which makes feature in your town which make it unique and a great place to visit, based on:

 - buildings/monuments; flora/fauna; regional industry; tourist attractions and anything unique to the area.

Please note that these bumper stickers are designed to be shared around the retail outlets of each community and cannot be exclusively stocked...share the love and promote your town:)

Initial order 100 units, then 25 units thereafter (*You must be a stockist or retailer to commission a 'Town Bumper Sticker')

Contact Rachael to discuss your project!